“He needs to be stopped”, AKA to Nasty C



AKA 14 Skynaijamusic.net  2 300x219 - “He needs to be stopped”, AKA to Nasty C

South African rapper, AKA has recently commented on Nasty C’s success.

However, AKA is feeling the pressure Nasty C is dominating on his local music charts.

He took to social media to say that the 23-year-old needed to be stopped.

AKA seems to have realised that he is not the only talented rapper in the country.

Nasty C has been giving hot music back to back and it seems he is not ready to stop anytime soon.

Nasty C leads the pack with the most number of singles dominating the charts.

nasty and aka Skynaijamusic.net  300x158 - “He needs to be stopped”, AKA to Nasty C

The self proclaimed “Zulu man with some power” was even surprised that his single from 2019, SMA, was still charting.

AKA responded to the post and said: “Nasty C is out of control. He needs to be stopped”

However, social media users took to their handle say their own view on this.

Social media users responded to his observation.

Twitter user wise30152072 said: “It’s good for the culture, the rest need to push too. If you and Nasty got more than 1 track on the list. The rest must use this as motivation to get on the list too”

blvckles said: “Why don’t you have a track with him? SA hiphop trash, yall don’t wanna work with each other

Simplysthee said: “You can’t stop him. You know you are not his match, your Match is Cassper” YB_a_Savage said: “Unfortunately you’re not the man for that job,lala Ma’Corona” 

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