Nigerians react as US indicators of ISIS, Al-Qaeda invasion

A pass segment of Nigerians has reacted to the alert by means of the USA that the Al-Qaeda terrorist team has began penetrating Nigeria in the course of the north-western area.

DAILY POST on Wednesday reported that the Nigerian government had been alerted by means of the United States that the Al-Qaeda terrorist team and ISIS have began penetrating the rustic.

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The Commander of the U.S. Particular Operations Command, Africa, Dagvin Anderson, made this know all over a press briefing, including that also they are increasing to different portions of West Africa.

The brand new data has stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Some expressed worries over the alert in the middle of the battle in opposition to Boko Haram and lack of confidence considerations within the nation.

Listed here are some reactions accumulated by means of DAILY POST from Twitter:

@KennyAdazie “ I’m hoping “our Amotékun” are in a position!

@Funshographix “ We’re nonetheless combating with Boko Haram. ISIS and Al-Qaeda also are coming. I feel they have got heard the way in which President Buhari is treating Boko Haram smartly than the voters of this nation. The similar US caution us saved silent about how Buhari is giving Boko Haram particular remedies.”

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@Doumar_Praise “ Regularly Nigeria is turning into a house for terrorist and a flooring for terrorism. All of us signed for this by means of vote casting in the ones in energy so unlucky to be a Nigerian.”

@Inioluwa “ ISIS can not flip Nigeria right into a terrorism hotspot. We can not continue to exist this. It is going to plunge us into chaos. We don’t seem to be a powerful sovereign presence economically, we’re witnessing capital flight, we’re already coping with lack of confidence and lack of lives. This may increasingly turn into the icing.”

@Oyinbojoseph5 “ We want our Niger delta militants if Buhari does now not intrude they will have to return to their previous techniques select up guns they have got dropped then safe our South-South.That’s what we want each and every southern area to safe their position.”

@Minesam_ “ ISIS and al qaeda are making plans to invade Nigeria from the south Kaduna. In 2015, a Best sought after ISIS commander; Ahmed Al-Assir, were given arrested in Lebanon on his approach to Nigeria with a sound Nigerian Visa.Who gave him that Visa? The FG didn’t hassle to research the Visa issuer

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@Firstladyship “ US intelligence has alerted Nigeria about “ISIS & Al-Qaeda’s plans to start out attacking Southern Nigeria and make incursions into the North-West” however concern now not, “Buhari’s military will seize them and inside of three months, they’re going to repent, placed on white and inexperienced clothes on their convocation.”

@Iamjonado “ Why gained’t ISIS believe Nigeria as their subsequent line of goal After they see the way in which we’re giving ISWAP and Boko-Haram goody sweets why gained’t they penetrate Southern Nigeria. Possibly they’ll get oil fields or wells this time round.”

@MrOdanz “ Buhari is actually offering a fertile flooring for different parts inside the terrorists community worse than Boko Haram to thrive and flourish in Nigeria. A US safety intelligence record has already printed how ISIS is making headway within the NORTH-WEST and silence follows.”

@Akanbi_Agbe “ Why gained’t ISIS believe Nigeria as their subsequent line of goal? Nigeria infantrymen will seize them, and they’re going to repent very quickly, and they’re going to rejoin the society, are you now not pondering what I’m pondering?

@Patito702 “ However will we even want the United States or someone to inform Nigerians that when effectively infiltrating the North, terrorists would transfer to the South? It’s common sense derived from seeing that those guys are undeniable, vile animals.”


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